beMajida, Beauty is contagious

"Beauty will save the world", a famous quote that fully expresses the aesthetic and ethical spirit of beMajida. Art in all its forms, including Design, has the power to elevate everyone's existence. Promoting Beauty means contributing to improving the world.

beMajida is a project born from the experience of over 40 years in the world of high-end design. A background made of passion, creativity and professionalism, developed mainly for the West European, Francophone and English-speaking markets.

The need for a new business model

The multi-year experience in the design and furnishing sector has been fundamental in the rising new process of living proposed by BeMajida.

In recent years the economic model has been dramatically dominated by the end of profit. The current sales and distribution system today lacks a respectful balance of work, professionalism and working people in this field. The final consumer is led to visit the showroom, get in touch with the staff, receive accurate advice and then buy online looking for discounts and similar products.

This business model, as the web is a breaking point with the physical world, is not able to meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors and retailers. It is therefore in this context that the BeMajida system is born, designed to give a contribution of innovation to the sector, oriented towards the creation of a shared value able to harmonize the interaction between final consumers, designers, producers and distribution.

beMajida rewrites online purchase ethics

beMajida system is based on respect and collaboration between individual realities, be they people or companies, and introduces a balanced interaction between the digital world and the real world.

"Internet is an extraordinary resource"- explains CEO Beppe Cerutti - "but its potential must be exploited in in ethical way, not destroying everything that has been created in the physical world".

"The beMajida sales system" - continues Cerutti - "is a perfect synergy between digital and physical stores. On our site the supply chain of each product is transparent from the designer to the manufacturer. The product tells the story of who created it. In the physical showrooms the final consumer can see the products. Purchase process is always online but, in our system, unlike the traditional one, retailer has direct benefits because it is an integral part of the BeMajida eco-system."

Individuality gives life to totality

Sharing, co-planning and cooperation ration are the core of the company philosophy. Within the beMajida reality, "people" are the starting point and the point of arrival for every action: in BeMajida relationships are built and values are shared. A place where so many individualities converge and each one contributes to create the corporate identity in its entirety.

Knowledge and "how to do" between innovation and tradition

Disseminate an unique product culture and innovate the value chain: each BeMajida product is born from the interaction of different realities and brings its peculiar characteristics to it. The value of each product lies in the richness of the experiences of those who thought, designed and finally realized it. The ethics of respect is expressed in the will to make the supply chain totally transparent. Furthermore, reinvigorates the relationships of the parties involved within the system.

An interweaving of knowledge and know-how that sometimes has its roots in tradition and in the connection with the territory, sometimes becomes the innovation driving force.

The worlds and the atmospheres

Furniture - Light - Textile - Object - Homeware - Art: these are the BeMajida Worlds. They bring to mind American department stores and contain within them the products and lines for the home and office.

Then there are the Atmospheres that represent the intended use: Day - Night - Relax. Each respectively includes Hall, Kitchen, Dining, Living and Work, Sleep and Toy, Bath, Wellness and Outdoor.

As on an imaginary Cartesian axis, from the intersection of a World with an Atmosphere the product flows. In the BeMajida reference system the "Beauty" space comes to life and becomes contagious.

Three special worlds

In addition to the six Worlds that everyone knows, there are three other realities: "Limited Edition", "Vero" and "Native Peaches".

"Limited Edition" contains a collection of limited edition industrial products.

Vero is the artisan tradition world that finds new ideas in order to renew itself, together with its experience and hungry for novelty. Vera is the communication of the true artisan, who thinks and creates every product.

"Native Peaches" is a particular story, a symbol that BeMajida wants to identify with the ethics of respect that permeates the whole company philosophy.
Long time ago, in the Chelly Canyon, the Native Americans cultivated peaches. And they exchanged dried fruits with other tribes, receiving other products. One day an army invaded the canyon, killed many natives, deported the survivors and finally, burnt all the peach trees.
This story metaphorically represents the time in which we live: the time of excess. The madness excess in which man is putting himself, the absolutely insensate excess of consumption.

In this world, 28 unique products will be created and auctioned. The earnings will be entirely dedicated to replanting the peach trees. A way to reflect and make sure that mutual respect always guides our actions.