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Extra-light decorative mirror shaped with a "V" engraving representing a stylized female figure. The mirror is made with fragments of Murano glass and ancient Venetian mirrors with galvanized sheet wall mounting. This collage creates a game of fragmented and multiple reflections of the person reflected, as if to bring out the most hidden shades of the personality of each one.
The feminine silhouette incorporates the voluptuous lines of the women, that recur so often in Feryel Lakhdar artistic production.
The mirror GUARDAMI ANCORA, for its originality, is ideal as a decorative object in any room of the house. Eccentric and elegant in a living room, it will give a touch of romance and mystery in a bedroom. And why not set it in an entrance, where it will certainly catch the attention of those who enter.
All the materials used to make the mirror are recycled and for this reason each piece is unique.

75 cm
120 cm

About this product

When a mirror says "look at me", it also automatically says "look at you". A game between the part of oneself that is in the other and the part of the other that one seeks within oneself.
This mirror made of infinite facets captures the moment, the present moment that is trapped fleetingly and in the next instant it is already different. The image that comes back from the mirror is never the same. Thanks to this singularity we can look and discover new peculiarities in objects, lights, people and, why not, in ourselves.

Feryel Lakhdar

Born in Tunis in 1965, she studied in Paris at the “École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture” and at the “École des Beaux-arts”. She continues his experience in France where he specializes in urban design and furniture/objects design, also taking part in decorations productions for cinema.
Feryel Lakhdar has exhibited continuously since 1986 in Tunisia and her art has been exhibited in various collective and personal exhibitions all over the world: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. Today Feryel works and lives in Tunis.

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