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This silk-screened mirror with bevelled edges represents a stylized male face in profile. The shape is undoubtedly the main feature of this decorative mirror, inspired by the art world.
The structure is simple and without a frame, it is fixed to the wall through a single rear steel hook.
In combination with the female version this mirror gives a touch of elegant romanticism to any room in the house. The mirror I love you can be used successfully in the most different contexts: in an elegant living room, in the bedroom, in the hallway or even in a non-trivial bathroom. Also ideal as a decorative element sought for hotel rooms.
The contemporary style, the sinuous shape and the delicate aesthetic refinement make this furniture an element of sure effect that catalyses the look and the attention of those entering the room.


About this product

The mirror TI AMO was born from the creativity of Feryel Lakhdar. The Tunisian artist expresses the intrinsic meaning of this work as follows: "Like a parable of love through the centuries, the diptych mirror TI AMO, has for its ancestors the Duke and Duchess of Urbino painted by Piero della Francesca to evoke a true story of love hidden behind a masterly and formal scene ".
TI AMO is the mirror that personifies love in the form:
"From its reflecting surface like water, the mirror receives and shows portraits to infinity, but because of its" amnesic "character like time, it does not preserve any of them. To keep the image in a mirror you have to give it the shape. "
As a tribute to all lovers of the past and the future, these profiles of a man and a woman who look at each other, lend their contours to the reflection of all those who see him, offering a face every time more to love.

Feryel Lakhdar

Born in Tunis in 1965, she studied in Paris at the “École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture” and at the “École des Beaux-arts”. She continues his experience in France where he specializes in urban design and furniture/objects design, also taking part in decorations productions for cinema.
Feryel Lakhdar has exhibited continuously since 1986 in Tunisia and her art has been exhibited in various collective and personal exhibitions all over the world: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. Today Feryel works and lives in Tunis.

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