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Enkare nai-robi is the maasai phrase that defines the African city. Its translation means "place of cold water", but it is also known as "green city in the sun" and "world capital of the safari".
The warm and intense colors of Africa tell us of distant lands where time seems to run slower and space envelop us with a vital desire for freedom; a summer evening when the horizon allows us to be admired without limiting our sight, the air is warm and the atmosphere is sparkling, the mind is silent and seems to remember what really warms the heart of a man .
The Nai - Robi cushions collection creates an enveloping atmosphere around it, making every room ideal for feeling welcome and letting go of the most authentic and wild side of one's personality.

50 cm
50 cm

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Soft, comfortable and fluffy: just thinking about the characteristics of the cushions touch perceptions, we feel invited to let us go to quality relax; the pillow like no other element can evoke that sense of protection and relaxation that we feel by stretching out in the bed at home.
The cushions are a style detail able to shape the mood of the entire environment: perfect to give character to a neutral base or to create an harmonious contrast, they are that element that gives personality and warmth to the home.
Linjer is a precious collection of decorative cushions that combines the value of a design object with an attentive to material recovery themes production: all Linjer cushions are made by using fabrics in stock of old textile warehouses and for this reason each piece is available in limited edition.

Cristina Romanello

Cristina Romanello is a set designer and stylist specializing in interior design; graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and former teacher of History of Design at the IED, today his professional sphere focuses on the search for harmony in the combination of shapes, colors and materials. Cristina also collaborates with a New York based start-up , Design-Apart, with the aim of making known and rediscover the craftsmanship added value with attention to sustainability and the value of Made in Italy.

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